Aaron Nursing - Honeywell HomMed Health Monitoring SystemAaron Nursing partners with Honeywell HomMed™ to provide daily monitoring of vital signs, weight, blood glucose, and pulse oxygen levels. The Honeywell HomMed Health Monitoring System™ has two main components. The telemonitoring unit, which is placed in the user's home or clinical environment, collects and transmits health status information from the user to the Central Station at our agency. There, one of our trained registered nurses views the data for monitoring, and then presents it to the patients' primary care physician for tracking. The Honeywell HomMed System™, coupled with acute nursing care, has dramatically improved the health and quality of life for our patients who suffer from chronic illnesses such as diabetes and congestive heart failure.

Aaron Nursing - Trend Report SampleDaily monitoring allows for preemptive care because the registered nurse is equipped with the information needed to respond rapidly to changes in a patient's level of health, thus preventing repeat hospitalizations and emergency room visits. The HomMed™ monitor also encourages patients to self manage their care.

Patients and families find comfort and peace of mind knowing a registered nurse will be monitoring vital signs on a daily basis.

Aaron Nursing - Trend Report


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Case Study

Click Here to read how Aaron Nursing is using the Honeywell HomMed Health Monitoring System™ to help Central Illinois resident Emory Simko live at home with peace of mind.


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